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  • The seventh deep foundation engineering development BBS essay coming to an end
    Release time:2017/3/27 16:35:36      Clicks:3273

      By deep foundation and underground space engineering branch of China construction industry association, China pile driving machinery association (learn) and China civil engineering society of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering branch pile foundation academic committee, the Beijing jinshan foundation engineering consulting co., LTD., fujian province to build special geotechnical engineering co., LTD., fujian yong geotechnical co., LTD., Shanghai far in collaboration with the basic engineering co., LTD., China foundation of technical innovation alliance, the Hong Kong association of geotechnical engineering, geotechnical technology research and development foundation, tsinghua university, tianjin university and so on more than 20 enterprises, industry association and the 7th deep foundation engineering development of colleges and universities support BBS, in late March 2017 was held in the beautiful coastal city of xiamen.

      Deep foundation engineering development BBS has successively in weihai, chongqing, xian, guangzhou, hangzhou, Beijing successfully held six sessions, held since 2011, with its strong appeal together industry elite staff, become the most authoritative, the most influential in the industry today. This BBS will be "innovation power deep foundation engineering industry and financial development" as the theme, aimed at the demand of the deep foundation and underground space engineering, around the field survey and design, construction, scientific research, production and manufacturing of the paper discusses the key technology and production cooperation and communication. Conference invites famous experts in the field of domestic and foreign relevant scholars, technical workers and engineers contribute enthusiastically, in order to promote the innovation of the deep foundation and underground space engineering development in our country. BBS, since no. 1 essay notice has been received on theory, practice and academic as well as the construction case of nearly 60 papers, the paper quality is higher, the content covers all aspects of the industry. At present the preparations for the meeting goes well, no. 2 meeting notice is issued in the near future.

      The BBS essay requires a certain academic value and application promotion value, can be formally published or unpublished of experience in academic research papers and reports. Such as papers have been published, it should be in the article gives a detailed description (published time, publications), paper, probably more than 8000 words (including charts, formulas), control within 6 pages, pages using full text submit, to the organizing committee provides full-text electronic documents by E-mail. Jeremy levin, please be sure to indicate the author detailed address, post code, phone number and E-mail. This BBS collected papers once hired, will be compiled into "the proceedings of the 7th deep foundation engineering development BBS", and published by the national press.

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