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G series mud separator
GX series van mud filter dry equipment, is now in the foundation construction of not recycling discarded mio gas township fu pollution issue since the perfect heel Ma Junxiang sowing the high equipment integration degree, transportation quick turnarounds, arena without complicated equipment, installation and debugging work, can be realized by electric water box, with a high degree of purification, filter residue drying moisture content is low. The performance characteristics of modular design, can according to customer's actual application requirements according to the size of the capacity building portfolio site. Is applicable to the small and need to end the construction with plasma occasions, also can satisfy large mud focus on the establishment of the large-scale factory operation requirements.


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Product advantage

GX系列泥浆固化设备采用模块化设计,整体吊装、运输方便、对场地要求低、可车载式施工,具有工作效率高、 处理效果稳定、固化后泥饼含水率低、出水清澈可排放等特点。


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